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Interview: Edd Daggers

Edd Daggers, ROR Comedy’s founder and Commander-in-Chief, is midway through his 5 month comedy trip to London. We caught up with him to see how he’s getting on…

ROR: Greetings from Osaka. How is London treating you?

Edd: It’s been great so far! I’m doing more gigs than I expected and I’ve made some great connections here already. But let’s not talk about the weather…

ROR: Fair enough, how many shows are you doing a week?

Edd: On average about 6 shows a week. I sometimes get to do 2 shows a night which is pretty cool. In general I try and say yes to every gig I can, even if that means rushing around London like a madman!

ROR: What’s been your favourite gig so far?

Edd: Probably my debut spot at the Comedy Store. It’s Britain’s oldest and most famous comedy club, and one of the biggest too. To play to 400 people was a real buzz!

ROR: We hate to sour the mood, but would you tell us about any tough gigs you’ve had?

Edd: I wish I could say it’s all been plain sailing, but comedy can be a fickle beast. The roughest moment I had was during a tiny gig in the basement of a pizza restaurant. There was a hen (bachelorette) party there who were talking all the way through my set. Eventually I’d had enough, so I started teasing the bride. She and her friends didn’t take it well and they all stormed out of the gig insulting me on the way with things that are not fit to print here...

ROR: Say no more. Who are some of the best comedians you’ve seen/worked with?

Edd: I’m lucky enough to gig alongside brilliant acts almost every night. Probably the most exciting moment for me was opening for Harry Hill. He’s an absolute megastar here, so to open for him was a real honour! Besides that, my personal favourites have probably been Paul Tonkinson (Michael McIntyre’s support act on his stadium tour), Russell Hicks (widely regarded as the best improviser on the circuit) and Jeff Innocent (an absolute one-of-a-kind). I’m actually working hard to bring these guys over to ROR next year, so fingers crossed!

ROR: What do you miss most about ROR Comedy Club?

Edd: The camaraderie in our Osaka comedy group is like nothing else. It sounds cliche, but we really are a team. Gigging around the country by myself can be a bit lonely, plus I miss having the other guys to bounce ideas off. That, and the hummus at L&L!

ROR: What experience will you be bringing back to Osaka?

Edd: The main thing I’ve learned here is the importance of making a connection with the audience. Every audience is different and it’s important to engage with them before you rush off on flights of fancy.

ROR: Edd, thanks for your time! We hope you enjoy the rest of your trip back home, and look forward to seeing you in January.

Make sure to stop by in January for Edd's performances at ROR Comedy Club, check our calendar and reserve your seats now.

Edd: Cheers!

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