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Osaka Food and More: The Perfect Date Night Guide

If you’re planning a trip to Osaka with your boyfriend or girlfriend, make sure to plan for an evening in Dotonbori. It’s the pulse of Osaka nightlife and a great place to experience a variety of Osaka food together. While you tour during the day, whether you see Osaka castle or visit the cities of Nara and Kyoto, save a Friday or Saturday night for a fun and relaxing evening together in the nightlife area of Osaka.

Dotonbori at Night

Osaka food everywhere in Dotonbori

There’s plenty to see while you’re walking down the streets of Dotonbori and tons of opportunities for good food and drinks. We recommend dipping into a ramen shop for dinner, visiting ROR Comedy for an evening show, and hitting a few bars for drinks. Comedy shows start at 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, making it easy to get in a meal and a good walk around the area before it’s time to relax with a drink and start laughing together.

Start with a Portable Appetizer

Picture it now… you’re walking together hand in hand, looking at the famous street signs above, a massive crab moves its legs and the huge hand holding a piece of nigiri sushi looks like it’s about to dip into the throngs of people lining the streets. Grab some takoyaki from a street vendor to nibble on while you wander the streets. Pro tip: make sure you let it cool down a bit before making the tourist mistake of burning the roof of your mouth with hot octopus pancake in front of your date!

Sit Down at a Ramen Counter for Dinner

Find a vending machine ramen shop for an inexpensive and authentic experience. Kamukura Ramen is a solid place for the authentic ramen counter experience. You’ll see banner signs with pictures of the different ramen types and a number next to each. Use the vending machine next to the entry door to make your selections and pay. Then, give the ticket to the cook inside and have a seat together at the bar stool counter.

Reserve Seats at the Comedy Club

Enjoy a 90 minute show at ROR Comedy on Fridays and Saturdays every week. Our shows are always a fun place to hear about the “gaijin experience” from local English-speaking expats and guest comedians. You can reserve spots here and pay at the door. We recommend hitting the restaurant attached for a quick drink before the show and you can also get drinks inside the comedy club.

Finish with a Nightcap

If the night is still young, take a 5 minute walk to Americatown for drinks. If you like retro video games, check out Space Station Video Game Bar, featuring a variety of game themed cocktails and free games on Nintendo and other favorite consoles. Walk another 5 minutes further for the unique experience of Meat N’ Bone, an apocalyptic zombie themed bar with a friendly owner and off-the-walls decor.

Above all, Osaka has a lot to offer as far as date nights. So enjoy the Osaka food, the nightlife, and the unique experience of an English-speaking Comedy Club right where all the fun is happening. You’re sure to have a good time.

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